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New Rentals
New Rentals
Escape to your dream Vacation Airbnb

New Rentals

Our latest rentals include a variety of selections between apartments ranging from $600-$850, "tiny apartments" ranging from $500-$550, as well as luxury apartments that range anywhere from $1,100-$1,300. All of these prices are how much the rent would be per month!

Escape the City: Los Angeles On The Water

Book a nice Airbnb in Los Angeles for a nice getaway! This "On The Water" special includes a nice modern beach house look with 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, a very spacious living area with an add on kitchen. This airbnb also includes a nice pool and hot tub right outside, with a walkway right out to the beach.

Abby James

The employee of the month for the month of February is our Chief Financial Officer. Abby has been working on the payroll for all of Synergy's employees, she's helped run our past trade show, and has also been a huge help in the creation of our company's business plan.

Employee of the Month
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New Developments

Some of our New Developments that are currently in progress include adding more apartments, Adding the option to buy commercial housing, and keeping the website up to date. Our Social Media Links are also finished so you can visit all of our social media pages. We will keep updating our progress for you as we move forward.

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